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When Should I Refelt My Pool Table?

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It is important to know when it’s time to replace the felt on your pool table. Over time, even the best-maintained tables will experience some wear and tear. Consistent use can lead to an uncomfortable playing surface or a decrease in ball bounce and control.

Signs It’s Time to Refelt Your Pool Table

pool table feltIf you’ve recently noticed that your pool table is not playing as well as it used to, you may need to replace its felt. To determine if it’s time for a refelt, look for these signs of wear and tear:
The uneven surface of the cloth on the bed of the table. 
This can be caused by an uneven foundation or by pool balls wearing down the cloth unevenly.
Wear and tear that causes the cloth to become thin in areas or even sections of it may have worn away entirely. 
This can be caused by excessive use over time or from a lack of regular maintenance.
Any discoloration, fading, or tears in the felt. 
This is usually caused by exposure to sunlight, humidity, or smoke.
An uneven reaction from the balls when playing on the table. 
If your pool balls are not bouncing true and feel too slow or too fast, it may be time for a refelt.
If you notice any of these signs of wear and tear on your pool table, it’s time to refelt it. Replacing the felt is a relatively simple process and can make all the difference when it comes to playing an enjoyable game of pool.
It’s best to hire a professional who knows what they are doing, as there is more involved than just laying down some new felt. A professional will make sure that the cloth is installed correctly so that you can get back to playing your best game.

Pool Table Services in Pittsburgh

Re-felting your pool table doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and help, you can return your table to perfect playing condition quickly!
If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced pool table refelting service, contact West Penn Billiards. We provide the Pittsburgh area with high-quality pool table services, including selling, moving, and refelting them. Contact us today to learn more!