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What is Inside a Billiard Ball?

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A billiard ball is a small, hard object that is used to play the game of billiards, which can be made of Bakelite, clear acrylic, or phenolic resin. Billiard balls come in a variety of sizes and colors. White is the most common color for billiard balls, and it is usually used for the cue ball, which is the object ball that strikes all of the other balls in the game.
Red, yellow, and orange billiard balls are also common, and they are typically used as object balls during a game of billiards. There are also other color combinations for special uses, such as carom games or snooker.

What Are Billiard Balls Made of?

billiard ballsWhen billiard balls were first developed, they were made from materials such as wood or clay, which were easy to acquire and mold into shape. Higher-class billiard balls were composed of animal bones or ivory, hence the former nickname for billiard balls, “ivories.” This material was made inaccessible due to the overhunting of elephants, which led to the use of alternatives such as preliminary plastics that were modified and adjusted over time to create the durable and chip-resistant pool balls we use today.
The most common type of modern billiard ball is made of phenolic resin, which is a thermosetting plastic material. This material provides excellent durability and longevity even when exposed to extreme temperature changes or humidity levels. Most modern billiard balls are denser than other types of balls, and they are made to exacting standards in order to provide consistent playability.

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