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Tips for Placing your Foosball or shuffleboard table

Foosball Table Pittsburgh

Foosball and shuffleboard are classic games that are fun for the whole family! When purchasing one, you will need to determine where to place it to ensure ultimate playability and fun. At West Penn Billiards, we’ve put together some tips on how to place your foosball or shuffleboard table in your home.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the placement of a shuffleboard or foosball table, including:

Size of the Table

The average shuffleboard table is 16 to 20 inches wide and ranges in length from 9-22 ft. Regulation-size foosball tables are typically 30-inches wide by 56-inches long but can vary in size up to 60″. You also need to consider the protruding rods as they will need extra space.

When choosing a shuffleboard table, you can either choose one that fits your available space or select the size you prefer and move things around to accommodate the table.

Foosball Table Pittsburgh

If you have a smaller space, you may need to select a smaller shuffleboard table. If you have a lot of space in your game room, go for the table size you prefer and determine its placement based on the model you choose.

Amount of Space Needed

You need to remember that you will need to leave enough space around the table to enjoy the game. You will need roughly three feet on each end for players to stand for the shuffleboard table. You will also need space on either side of the table so players can get any pucks that fall into the alley or gutter that runs around the table’s playing surface.

You will need to allow for a 10-foot by 8-foot space for foosball to give players the room to move comfortably.


Before purchasing your foosball or shuffleboard table, measure the space you are thinking about placing it to ensure there will be enough space for players to move comfortably. Check the length and width of your space to make sure your table isn’t getting hit by doors, hanging out in walkways, or obstructing the fun!

Write down your measurements and use them when shopping for different table sizes to see which one will fit best.

Wide Selection of Foosball and Shuffleboard Tables Available

At West Penn Billiards, we are happy to help you find the perfect table to fit in your game room. Contact us today to learn more!