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Rail Cushions – Which style is best for your pool table?

When you invest in a pool table, you want it to have maximum playability. To ensure your pool table is properly outfitted for any years of great games, you want to be sure you have the correct rail cushion profile for the correct nose height. At West Penn Billiards, we’ve put together a guide to help you determine which rail cushion profile is right for your pool table.

Before Choosing Your Rail Cushion Profile

Before you can choose your rail cushion profile, you should first determine your existing nose height, which is the point of the rubber cushion where the ball will make contact. If you have a standard pool table that uses two ¼” balls, then your nose height needs to be between 1 3/8” to 1 7/16” above your table surface.
If your nose height falls into this range, you can replace your rail cushions with the same profile. Once you’ve determined your existing nose height, you will then either cut the rail cloth to get to the top of the cushion or remove your rail cloth to reveal the cushion.

Rail Cushion Profile Options for Your Pool Table

K55 Profile
If you have a Brunswick table that was made after 1975, then you will likely need a K55 cushion. These measure 1 ¼” across the top of the cushion and 1 5/16” high in the back of the cushion. If you have a table that was made prior to 1975, then make sure you measure the backside/glue side of the cushion to check the size.

Cushion Profiles for 7ft. and 8ft. Brunswick Tables
For older 7 or 8ft Brunswick tables, it is likely that your table has cushion profiles such as Contender or Brunswick Centennial cushions. This type of cushion profile is shaped similar to a number 7 rather than a triangle. You can expect to find the U56 profile at a low cost.

K66 Profile
If you have a pool table that is not a Brunswick, you will more than likely need a K66 profile. This profile measures 1 1/18” across the top of the cushion and 1 3/16” high at the back.

American Made Rail Rubber for Your Rail Cushion Needs

American Made Rail Rubber by Olhausen – AccuFast is the way to go because it is made from 100% pure gum rubber, not full of the cheap fillers that have been used in rail cushions for years.

These cushions are made using the highest grade rubber, and they are processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments that help produce consistent play and increase your accuracy.

The Accu-fast rail cushions are also produced with anti-reversion chemicals to prevent the rubber from everting back to its natural soft state. These cushions have a K-66 face profile and fit tables from 7ft to 9ft.

If you are looking for optimum performance and high-quality materials, American Made Rail Rubber by Olhausen – AccuFast is your top choice.

Looking for the Right Cushion Profile? We Can Help!

If you need help finding the right cushion profile, the experts at West Penn Billiards can help! With our variety of pool table accessories, we have what you need to give your pool table maximum playability! Contact us today to learn more.