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Pool Table Etiquette to Follow

Like with any other type of game, pool has a proper etiquette you should follow to avoid upsetting your opponent. During a competitive game of pool, emotions can run high, but to help avoid conflict, following proper etiquette can help keep the game enjoyable and friendly.

Give Your Opponent Space

When it is your opponent’s turn, it is important to avoid hovering over them. Rather than bending over the table and trying to see what shot, they are taking, avoid standing at the table until it is your turn.

Keep Your Drinks off of The Table

Placing your drink on the table can cause a spill and is just general bad behavior. Be sure to place your drinks on a counter or table nearby while playing.

Don’t be a Distraction

Whether it is on purpose or by accident, it is important to avoid distracting your opponent with noises or actions. It is an amateur move, and it is one of poor taste. It is also helpful to avoid small talk. Some people need to concentrate when playing, so if your opponent is giving you short answers, you may want to stop the small talk to avoid distracting them.

Don’t Use Jump Shots

Even if you have worked to master the jump shot, avoid using it during a game. Attempting a jump shot could lead to you launching the ball off of the table, ruining your cue stick, or scratching the surface of the table.

Buy the Next Game if You Are the Challenger or the Loser

Typically, the challenger or the loser buys the next game of pool. Even if you feel that you are a more skilled player than the current winner at the table, it is proper etiquette for you, the challenger, to buy the next game.

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