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Game Room Seating Options

Once you’ve equipped your game room with the perfect pool table and other games, it’s time to give your guests a comfortable place to sit. There are various great game room seating options to choose that will suit your style and budgets.

Planning Your Game Room Seating Arrangements

For a game of pool, you will need a minimum of two people; you will want to consider adding a spectator chair to your game room. This will give players a place to sit and relax while waiting to take their turn to shoot. Spectator chairs are specially designed for use in game rooms and are convenient to use along with your pool table. This chair also provides players with a place to rest their cue and set down their drinks.

In addition to seating for those playing pool, you will also want to provide additional seating for guests who want to check out the rest of your game room. For additional guests, you should consider a pub set. This seating type is a budget-friendly way to provide your guests with a small entertainment area near your pool table. There are a variety of pub tables available in different sizes based on your needs.

Smaller rooms can benefit from a 30-inch diameter pub table and can be equipped with two pool tables to complete the set. If you have a larger room, a 36-inch diameter pub will seat four people and accommodate four barstools. With a conversion top, you can expand this size table to seat six people easily. Pub tables are also available in different heights, with 40 to 42 inches being the standard. Depending on your game room layout, you may consider using the 36-inch café style pub table to avoid the table getting in the wat of the pool cue during a game. You will need to make sure the barstools you purchase are the correct size to match your pub table’s height.

Looking for Quality Game Room Seating? West Penn Billiards Can Help!

We have a large, high-quality selection of game room seating to meet your needs, budget, and style. Contact us today to learn more about our game room seating options!