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Cleaning your Billiard Tablecloth

If you enjoy using your pool table often, it is likely to eventually get dirty. You’ll experience dust and fuzz ball issues, as well as pet hair if you have pets, chalk trails, and accidental spills, which are all normal with use. At West Penn Billiards, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for how to properly clean your pool table.

Never use a vacuum. Cleaning Your Billiard Tablecloth
One of the most important things to remember when cleaning your pool table is to never use a vacuum on it. A vacuum has powerful suction that will pull and stretch the cloth, decreasing its durability and affect the play of your pool table. This can cause frustration as you line up the perfect shot, only to have a wrinkle in the felt send your shot in the opposite direction you intended.
Some people will use a vacuum attachment to clean the inside of the pockets. We recommend using a damp cloth to clean them out, so you are not tempted to use the vacuum on the table.
Sweep with a straight motion. 
When you are cleaning the cloth, you will want to start with a special brush, sweeping the bumper railing debris onto the table. You will then want to sweep any debris or lint from around the pockets and the table edges, moving the debris to the center of the table.
After sweeping the bumper railing and the edges, you can begin a full table sweep. Strat in the middle and work toward each end of the table. Always use a straight motion when sweeping. Avoid a circular motion and always sweep with the weave of the felt to prevent shifting or puckering.
Collecting the debris with a dustpan or thin cardboard.
Once all the debris has been swept to the end of the table, you will want to use a piece of thin cardboard or a dustpan with soft rubber edges to collect the debris. Metal or hard plastic dustpan edges could snag or tear the felt.
Clean up spills immediately. 
If a spill occurs on the table, it is best to clean it up immediately. Use a clean white cotton cloth to absorb the spill. For old spills, you can use a slightly wet, warm cotton cloth. Only use water, do not use soap because they will leave a mark as well as residue on the felt. All you need to do is place the cloth over the stain and let the cloth do the work. Avoid over-saturating the felt or rubbing the felt, as this can stretch and weaken the area. Gently pat the area with the cloth until it is removed.
There are tablecloth cleaners out there specifically formulated to provide a dry clean to pool table cloth. Before using products like this, consult with the experts at West Penn Billiards.

Pool Table Service and Repairs 

At West Penn Billiards, we offer a wide range of expert pool table repair services to keep your playing surface in top condition. If your billiard tablecloth has seen better days, we offer table re-felting to refresh your table and improve your game! Contact us today to learn more!