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3 Fun Pool Table Games to Spice up Your Next Game Night

Pool Table Games
Playing pool with family and friends is always fun, but if you are looking to put a twist on your next game night, West PennBilliards has got you covered! We’ve put together a list of some of the most fun pool table games to help you spice up your next game night!

Bowliards: Bring the Lanes to Your Table

Pool Table GamesAs you may have gathered from the name, this game derives its rules from 10-pin bowling. To begin bowliards, rack ten pool balls at the foot spot. Each player takes turns shooting to break up the balls and pocket as many as they can.
Each player continues their turn until there is a miss or a foul. After this, the next player goes. The game goes on until all players have had a turn and all the balls have been pocketed.

One Pocket: A Game for Two

This is a two-person game of skill and accuracy. You must compete against the other person to be the first one to score eight object balls. This game also requires strategy because you need to make sure you are not leaving a good shot open for your opponent. If you do, it can be used against you and may prevent further shots for you.

Bank Pool: Simple but Fun

This is an easy game for a group to play. To win, you must be the first player to bank five balls in any order. You need to call each ball and pocket before shooting, and the balls cannot touch one another.

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