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Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

Decorative Antique Brass Nail 1″

Decorative Chrome Nail 1″

Decorative Copper Nail 1″

Fan Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

Fan Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

Fan Chrome Nail 7/16″

Fan Copper Nail 7/16″

Fan Pewter Nail 7/16″

Hammered Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

Hammered Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

Hammered Chomre Nail 7/16″

Hammered Copper Nail 7/16″

Hammered Pewter Nail 7/16″

Plain Antique Brass Nail 7/16″

Plain Bright Brass Nail 7/16″

Plain Chrome Nail 7/16″

Plain Pewter Nail 7/16″

Pyramid Antique Brass Nail 3/4″

Pyramid Bright Brass Nail 3/4″

Pyramid Chrome Nail 3/4″

Pyramid Copper Nail 3/4″

Pyramid Pewter Nail 3/4″

Please Note: Due to variations in system settings for individual screens, the accuracy of colors cannot be guaranteed. If color accuracy is important we recommend ordering a swatch.

View or Download the PDF: Nail_Head_Options